About Us


Our Story

We are a family owned and operated wholesale pottery company.� We have been in the pottery business for 22 years.��Our employees are experienced in the art of hand turned stoneware.� It all starts on the wheel by our master potter, then when dry is finished on the bottom by hand so that it is smooth.� Then it goes to our artist who hand paint our designs on them, then dipped in our lead free glaze and loaded on our kiln that fires at about 2200 degrees.� This makes our pottery durable, functional , safe and microwave, oven, dishwasher safe!� We turn out about 400 pieces of pottery per day!� So no order is to large or small, and we try to keep our prices affordable so everyone can enjoy them.� We offer a wide variety of dishware, gardenware and even pet bowls.� The best thing is, its all made right here in Texas!� Hope to hear from you soon....